FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

How much would I get from a track sale?

You would get 75% share from a sale.

If I sell my track when I will get paid?

You will get your earnings as soon as track is sold within 24 hours.

Where will I get my earnings?

Your earnings will be paid to your PayPal/PayTM/PhonePe/GooglePay/Bank account.

Why my Facebook profile is required when submitting a track?

We don’t work with anonymous persons, we want to know the identify of the person we are working with .

When I submit my track, is mastered mp3 enough?

Yes ! but in some cases we can ask for files including mastered, unmastered mp3, wav, all stems files (wav) and midi files. to know you are real producer of the track or not , if no we will block you account immediately

Submitted track must be with vocal or not?

Track can be with vocal and without vocal. But if it’s a vocal track there must be original vocal or if it’s from a sample pack it must be from a royalty free sample pack.

Can I submit a preview of my track instead of submitting the zip folder?

Yes, if you find hard to prepare all the required files, you can send an .mp3 or .wav preview in order to review your track.

For the Producer

Can I use a track for commercial purpose after purchase it?

Yes, after purchasing a track from our store you are able to use it as you want

Questions about Custom Tracks.

What genres are we able to order? We offer custom ghost productions for all EDM Genres. Who is the ghost producer for Custom Tracks? When you submit the References (Similar Tracks), we find the right producer for your project. What is the price for Custom Tracks? It depends on the project and the ghost producer. What is the payment method? Currently we accept payments only via razorpay. Do I get the project file? Yes, we can include the project file for custom orders. What if I feel unsatisfied with the final result? We will not pay any producer until you are happy with your track. In case your project will not be delivered on time we can issue a refund.

Where is the download link?

After your purchase your download link will appear on My Account –> Downloads. You will also receive an E-mail from us including the download link of your track. Please check your spam folder. If you haven’t an account on our Website you will receive only the E-mail with the Download Link including the Expiration Date. Note: After 30 days we remove the Download Link from the store. In case you are facing any difficulties, please contact our Support.

Is each track sold only once?

Yes, Once a track is sold, will not be available for listening or purchase to the public.

Can I return a track?

No, after purchasing a track you are not able to return it.

For the Buyer